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Robotics & Coding for Kids

Wizbots combines LEGO® robotics, Java coding, and lots of imagination to provide a unique STEM learning experience for kids (ages 8-14) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our Robotics & Coding Labs revolve around robotics so as to instantly engage students in a fun, applied way to learn Java programming and creative problem-solving. Perfect for both novices and advanced students, they all learn coding, engineering, and design in a hands-on, collaborative environment. Students journey through our extensive, gamified curriculum tackling new project challenges with each move and earning bands of accomplishment with each promotion. All Labs are led by trained Mentors with a passion for education and a deep sense of play and fun. We operate year-round through Summer Camps, After School and Weekend programs, and Birthday Parties. Girls and boys, alike, find Wizbots instantly engaging, social, and fun!

BUILD. Start with LEGO MINDSTORMS®, then throw in an ever­expanding supply of advanced robotic sensors, unique building materials, and crafts. The engineering possibilities are endless. And, kids are solving problems, not assembling kits.

CODE. Compared to other LEGO® robotics programs, our students have the benefit of learning Java which is the most universally accepted coding language available. Not only can robots do more advanced things with Java, kids are learning a highly transferable skill.

PLAY. It's all about fun. Kids engage in product design, compete in tech challenges, play team games, and dive into open-ended creativity, all while making new friends. Project videos are captured and uploaded to our private Wonderwall where you can share them with family and friends.


Summer is about having fun and letting your child’s imagination soar to new heights. Our Summer Robotics & Coding Labs check all of those boxes and more. They are a great way for girls and boys to dabble in robotics, programming, and design for the first time, or build on skills they have already developed. Campers learn all kinds of new skills, gain confidence, and make new friends!

Summer Camps at Wizbots are open for all-day in-person fun! Sign up soon to reserve your space!

We're currently offering summer camps in Sunnyvale, Cupertino, San Carlos, Union City, Burlingame, and Pleasanton!

Summer Camps at Wizbots are open for in-person fun! Sign up soon to reserve your space!

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After school is a great time for fun and sparking interest in hands-on activities like design, building, and coding that students don't experience in their regular school day. Students in Wizbots Robotics & Coding Labs build a foundation that often allows them to excel beyond their peers in their future course loads. Each season, kids attend our Lab once a week, for 90 minutes at a time. And, kids can join us season after season, always learning something new.

You can find our labs in participating schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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After a hectic week, the weekend is about having time to explore new activities or dive deeper into a passion. The Wizbots weekend classes offer longer stretches of lab time where your child can really immerse him or herself in design, robotics and programming. Whether they have been doing this for a while or they are exploring it for the first time, our classes are designed to allow your child to jump right in and learn. The gamified learning experience and the fun and friendly environment at Wizbots is sure to captivate your child!

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Throw an exciting Wizbots party for your child's next birthday! Wizbots will come to your home and bring a full cart of equipment to provide 90 minutes of hands-on robotics fun.

Our parties are appropriate for kids ages 8 years and up.

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